About Us


Our industrial settlements were built in the years 2005/2006, with the objective of creating a marine hotspot for the entirety of the southern Italian region.

Our infrastructures were designed to aid boating activities of both leisurely and commercial background.

As of 2018, we had the chance to reassess our corporate structure as a whole, thanks to the financial support of new partners, all of which are active within the nautical industry.

The new owners, through the specific expertise of our employees, as well as the new administrator, promptly helped with the economic and financial re-organisation of the company and entrusted as many professionals with the drafting of a business plan aimed at the definitive re-launch of the company’s activities. This was made possible by re-valuing the structures already present in the dock and restoring the buildings located in the appurtenant stretch of water, as well as the supplied equipment.

Presently, the Marina di Torre Annunziata is an example of the ideal industrial hub with unique specifications and potential bound to its geographical location. Other than hauling and launching services, the neighbouring area houses eight different businesses, which range from the production of medium sized boats, to repairs, storage, re-painting and similar jobs, each and every one of them supplied with the most up to date equipment and production systems.